Fethullah Gulen sits down with BBC reporters for his first broadcast interview in 16 years “to set the record straight.”

Students from one of the Hizmet schools in Southeast Asia.

Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen said Turkey needs a new constitution to save its democracy in an Op-Ed published in Financial Times.

A Kimse Yok Mu volunteer on his way to distribute aid (Myanmar)

The Alliance for Shared Values is a non-profit umbrella organization that serves as a voice for civic and service organizations associated with the Hizmet social initiative in the U.S.

We support the principles of democracy, equal opportunity and emphatic acceptance of religious and cultural diversity.

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Gulen’s interview with WSJ

Fethullah Gulen gives a rare interview to Wall Street Journal and shares his views…

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The Human Cost of Corruption

Turkish people to begin to recognize the deeply tragic impact and the human cost of systemic public corruption.

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Interview with BBC Newshour

Mr. Gulen’s first broadcast interview in 16 years

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